As William Shakespeare once mused in Romeo and Juliet, "What's in a name..." Well... 

Morsel (n.) - a small quantity of anything & Resplendence (n.) - splendor (shining, impressionable, a beacon).

The heart of Morsel Resplendence and its etymology is appreciating the details that make something memorable. The bow on a present, the warm smile with a hello, the salty scent of the ocean or the marshmallows perfecting that cup of hot chocolate; these details end up being those differentiating factors that makes something what it is

Our Mission

For our photography customers we want to create beautiful lasting memories for your family and generations to come to remember special moments in time...

For our business owners we want to create a logo statement that embodies your brand and makes an impression.

For our community, to give back a portion of what we do. To help further enrich and cultivate the space we live in.