6 Tips On How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photography Session

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You recently got engaged (congratulations!) and just booked your engagement photography session (hopefully with us :) ). Well, we have some tips and info for you!

First a reminder. In the age of selfies or portrait modes on smartphones it can be easy to think that capturing photos with that technology will give you what you're looking for, and for social screens, they may be decent, but for print jobs or albums not so much! Smartphone photography is still pixelated. A photographer with a trusted/branded digital camera will give you the resolution, quality, and creativity that a smartphone, in the end, can't match. 

Your engagement photography session is truly an investment. Many couples use their favorite images from their shoot for their save the dates and formal wedding invitations. They don't use selfies or low-quality images, but special photos that were specifically taken to capture their love. Beyond printed jobs is the fact that these professionally taken photos will represent a part of your lives as they are now. They'll serve as a beautiful little capsule of these particular emotions and excitement for the future that you and your partner will be able to enjoy for a lifetime as well as the generations of your family that will follow.  

Onward to the tips!

1. If you're choosing the photo location, scout it out beforehand. Understand its potential busy hours or ask someone who does (or of course defer to Google if nothing else!). Some of the best photos are those that don't have groups of people around (where others won't have to play Where's Waldo to find you ;) ) Earlier shoots are usually best. Also, try to find a location that is visually diverse so you have a fun variety of images (or let the photographer know you'd like that kind of location). 

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2. Know the climate. For example, for us in Florida, 11 months out of the year is humid. Be sure to bring materials for touch-ups such as hairspray, powder, lip gloss, a battery operated handheld fan etc.! You will need it. Also, be sure to bring water for you and your partner & a light snack. You'll take better photos the more comfortable you are. [We are sure to bring a spacious dolly for our clients that can hold these supplies and more]

3. On comfortability, while it will be exciting to possibly order new outfits exclusively for your shoot, be sure to wear beforehand! You won't want the first wear of your new outfit to be the day of your session. Make sure you've practiced moving in your outfits (break em' in and be sure they work for you!). Again, you'll take better photos the more comfortable you feel. [a fun website for the ladies that offer a variety of timeless and quirky styles & lengths with many sizes is modcloth.com]

Morsel Resplendence Engagement

4. More on outfits. Have fun and bring two (though check with your photographer beforehand). For ladies or men it's great to have neutral/non-flashy colors for one of the outfits. Think white, pale blue, light yellow or muted prints. For your other outfit go a little bolder with timeless classy colors such as dark red, navy, deep emerald or eggplant purple. This, of course, depends on your preferences and style. Ladies typically go for a more traditional feminine route with two different dress styles and men with khaki shorts or dress slacks with a light and dark colored shirt. Of course, you could go for a non-traditional look/themed route too, but still, keep to one more neutral outfit and one bolder one for some variation. 

5. Research poses.  While your photographer will come equipped to advise you on some "money shot" poses, they won't be able to read your mind during the shoot regarding any unique particulars you want to be captured. Be sure to do some research (Pinterest is great!) on poses you definitely want to have, because the day of you might forget. We definitely advise being proactive and sending your photographer any ~inspiration~ or images you'd want to replicate before your session. This is not only helpful for your photographer but also for you! Many poses that look great aren't exactly the most natural or poses that you would do day to day. It will be helpful to practice some of those poses and positions with your partner days before the shoot to make sure you have a muscle memory type of feel the day of and not a rigid pose or awkward positioning. 

6. Remember to look at your engagement photography session as an experience and HAVE FUN with them! While you will be doing some of the typical poses, be YOU (a skilled photographer will be able to capture that). 

Have Morsel Resplendence shoot your engagement photos! We love capturing love and will make it a priority to make sure you're comfortable and are photographed looking your very best. Email kelsey@morselresplendence.com or call 407-710-9700 for further inquiries and bookings!

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