The Importance Of A Brand

First a little history...Brand (n.) - An identifying mark burned on livestock. To distinguish one livestock ownership over another's. 

Branding's etymology, as we know in today's marketing industry, comes from the above.

When thinking of a brand what might first come to mind is a logo. While a logo is an important visual marker for a company, you'll also want your brand to be so much more than that. Your logo should enforce your branding efforts, to the point when your logo is seen there is an emotional connection and an understood message.

For your company's brand, a logo is but the tip of the iceberg on top of a purposeful marketing brand strategy. 

For your company you'll want to forge a brand that is distinguishable within the industry you are working in but also a standalone brand. It should "burn" and make a lasting impression in the minds of your consumers.  

CocaCola is one of the best examples to illustrate the transcending power of a brand. At face value, and at its inception, CocaCola is a carbonated beverage. However, through time, consistency, and branding CocaCola has also become a herald of a good time that probably includes pizza or a sporting event. CocaCola has created a brand that goes beyond its product to include strong, positive, and happy brand associations that equate to memorable experiences in people's lives, not just a tasty means to quench your thirst. 


Another branch of branding that should be driving factors for businesses is brand value. For this, Apple consistently ranks high. There is fun anticipatory buzz around each iPhone release. Apple has created a brand that emits modernity, quality, trust, and expertise in the tech field. Fans know they're going to get the sleekest and the latest technology from Apple. Apple's branding encompasses customer service, clean design, and clear use of products. Its established branding has helped pave the road for the success of later products, such as the Apple iWatch and Apple Pay. Consumers know Apple is a brand they'll use and they can trust.

While your company may not be in the tech or beverage industry, it's good to keep CocaCola and Apple in mind for branding goals & tactics...

For companies starting out- At its base your brand formulation should start with:

  • A clear and clean logo that will be used on your website, social media channels, printed collateral and promotional items.
  • A Typography selection for your website, digital and print collateral.
  • A Color palette for your website and all collateral.

With a strong foundation of the above, the next steps of your branding strategy should focus on:

  • Your brand voice and tone {informative, playful, forward}. Your brand's personality will be conveyed in your communication to and with your audience(s).
  • Strategy on what associations you want your brand to have [fun, power, expertise, nostalgia, etc.]
  • Consistency along with the best promotional activities that make the most sense for your brand will all add to your brand's value. 

Your brand will carry meaning and should be defined before marketing efforts are implemented. Branding will be the foundation for your marketing strategy and will form the basis for your reputation. Knowing and being able to define your brand will make your marketing strategy that much more streamlined and clear.

We love all things marketing. There are a lot of factors to consider when creating your brand. Let Morsel Resplendence help you figure it all out!