Welcome to Morsel Bits!

Morsel Resplendence Blog

We're excited to share our first of many blog posts to come. We'll be using the blog to discuss M.R. updates, showcase the neat things our clients are up to and share news on our passion projects.

Morsel Resplendence (M.R.) has been a dream in the making. It's more than a transactional business model, M.R. was made with love and a commitment to connect people to others. At the heart of M.R. is community. The company, our clients, you, in one way or another we're all apart of some community which collectively forms the world's intricate connections (6 degrees of separation, anyone?!). 

We want to help make those connections for you. Good marketing is about engaging and bridging connections. People to people | ideas to action | consumer to loyal customer.

Good marketing has undoubtedly affected your life from travel to education to the shoes you're wearing. In today's world, successful "good marketing" is the thing that happens, a delightful !Aha! event, when a person's searches (from vague to specific) have been fulfilled. With all the bombardment of ads, commercials, digital marketing methods galore, the competition for companies to be "seen" is both fierce and extensive. Not only that, but the seeker/your potential customers must sometimes search far and wide before their quest is over too, but when they find you, and it clicks, it's a magical thing. They're the customers you were looking for and you have what they were trying to find. Whether it's for that good restaurant a friend mentioned in passing or that one tour in that one town they heard about, it's up to good marketing to fulfill those queries and reach back. 

And marketing doesn't stop there, now that you have your customer it's important to keep them too...

In today's age, modern marketing entails a good mix of media. Make sure your company has its marketing bases covered. We hope to be a part of fulfilling "good marketing" for your business.